The Boat house 
By Kate’s

fresh taste
at a great price

We pour our heart into our food.  We make the food that we want to eat. It reminds us of what we grew up with, what we ate at Grandma’s house, what we crave.


Avocado Plate

avocado toast with fruit & a hardboiled egg


Belgian Waffle

served with maple syrup


Fancy Bagel

served with lox and capers *available Saturday & Sunday!



with brown sugar, nuts, and dried fruit


Starboard Sammies

Galley Greens


with pesto aioli


Caesar Salad

a classic. add turkey or avocado $2


Pressed Turkey Swiss

with honey mustard


Strawberry Poppy

your new favorite salad. add turkey or avocado $2


The Huron

honey pecan chicken salad


Zucchini Hummus Wrap

so fresh and so clean


Pontoon Platters

They’re Shareable!

Meat & Cheese

swiss almond cheese dip, pita chips, beef sticks, and grapes 


Cajun Crab

cajun crab dip, pita chips, salami, and celery


Pita & Hummus

zucchini hummus, pita chips, stuffed olives, and fresh veggies


Future Captains

PB & J

plated with nautical creativity!


Grilled Cheese

plated with nautical creativity!


Snack Platter

goldfish, cheese cubes, pickles, and grapes


we know

what good is

The Boathouse

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, a private dinner, or a bridal shower; we put everything we have into each and every plate. Looking to make your next meal something fabulous?


Clean eating healthy cooking ingredients and round plate in center


231 Huron Avenue Port Huron, MI

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